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You may be able to drink up to 8 cups of coffee a day without serious health risks

There could also be no such thing as consuming too much coffee.

Drinking excessive quantities of coffee does no longer lead to death, even if you’re consuming eight or more cups an afternoon, in line with new research launched Monday by JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers tested floor and speedy coffee, in addition to quite a lot of reasons of death equivalent to most cancers and heart problems, and located that consuming coffee does no longer building up the chance of mortality.

They studied information of more than 500,000 folks from the nonprofit U.K. BioBank, an nameless, long-term public database of scientific information, take a look at results and DNA samples, which goals to help scientists of their research to fight the reasons of illness. The contributors ranged in age from 38 to 73, and had a median age of 57 years.

Instant coffee had a weaker hyperlink to death than floor coffee, in all probability as a result of speedy coffee has lower ranges of certain chemical substances than floor coffee. The similar used to be true of decaffeinated coffee, they found. The findings “provide additional reassurance that coffee consuming can be part of a healthy diet,” the researchers wrote.

Of course, no longer everyone is of the same opinion coffee is secure. Last March, a Los Angeles Superior Court pass judgement on dominated that coffee in California will have to come with a most cancers warning. The Council for Education and Research on Toxics, a nonprofit workforce, claimed a chemical used in the roasting procedure known as acrylamide is carcinogenic and requires a well being warning.

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The ruling used to be unwelcome information for Starbucks SBUX, -0.59%  and other outlets. A spokeswoman for Starbucks referred remark on the ruling to the National Coffee Association, which up to now mentioned the industry is thinking about appeals and other legal choices, adding that most cancers warnings on coffee labels would be “misleading.”

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Still, a variety of other research suggests coffee isn’t so dangerous on your well being. For instance, people who drank 4 cups of coffee an afternoon in a single study had a 64% lower possibility of death than those that never or infrequently had coffee, in line with a 2017 study from the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. Researchers adopted nearly 20,000 Spanish contributors for 10 years.

Other earlier research discovered an identical results: A 16.5-year European study of half 1,000,000 adults 35 years and older discovered the more coffee a person drank, the less most probably they were to have died by the end of the study.

Alessandra Malito is a non-public finance reporter based totally in New York. You can follow her on Twitter @malito_ali.

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