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How I got my landlord to lower my rent—and save me $2,400 over the next year

Finding an reasonably priced condo is an agonizing and unavoidable enjoy each and every New York transplant will have to undergo, and I’m no different.

Since shifting to New York City in 2014 I have lived in 4 flats with 8 different roommates. Before signing my current rent in September 2017, I checked out — no exaggeration — 19 different properties throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. I were given the “bait and turn” scam multiple times, by which I hiked throughout Brooklyn in the warmth to have a look at an condo most effective to find it was a different development than was advertised.

One broker asked for 6 months of hire ($20,000 in money) up front to transport into the unit. Another confirmed me a studio condo that have been advertised as a two-bedroom, announcing I may just build my very own wall so as to add a room. Finally, I found a great place in Brooklyn where I have vowed to stay till I leave the city or save sufficient money to buy.

But lately I have started to wonder if I’m paying too much. My two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo prices $2,300 monthly. My roommate, whose room is quite larger than mine, can pay $1,200 and I pay $1,100. Before you draw back on the worth, word that the common two bedroom condo is $2,600 in Brooklyn and $3,662 in Manhattan, consistent with listing company Naked Apartments, so my hire is consistent with standard prices in the city. Plus I have my very own rest room, a New York dream that only a lucky few ever reach.

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But recently, I came about to come back throughout a listing for every other two-bedroom two-bathroom unit in my development advertised at $2,100 and made up our minds to invite my condo management company if they could lower my hire. They did, and beneath the new agreement, I will pay $1,000 and my roommate pays $1,100. The new $2,100 hire will save us every $1,200 consistent with 12 months, or $2,400.

Don’t leave out: Poor New Yorkers endure more when the subway is behind schedule

Rent reductions, even in expensive towns like New York, are in reality more not unusual than you might imagine. As of May 2018, 1 in 6 apartment units in Manhattan presented a discount to the advertised hire (16% of rentals on the market) consistent with knowledge from StreetEasy. Here’s how you can effectively ask for a discount.

Bring up your apartment historical past

It’s all the time a good suggestion to barter hire, stated Erin Lowry, personal finance professional and creator of the ebook “Broke Millennial,” particularly if the landlord has raised the hire for the new rent duration. That is, until you will have been a nasty tenant.

“This technique is easiest deployed provided that you’ve been a style tenant,” she stated. “If you’ve had battle along with your landlord prior to now or been late on hire, then he or she isn’t more likely to take your request too critically.”

When requesting a hire decrease, I was certain to remind my landlord that I had lived at other properties owned via the same apartment company for the past 3 years and had never been late on hire or led to any assets damage.

Offer one thing in return

If the landlord says no to a per thirty days hire decrease, renters can sweeten the negotiation via offering to signal a two-year rent or pay probably the most hire up front. A landlord can be more likely to give a tenant a short lived relief, particularly if they are signing a rent on a new development, consistent with a 2018 report on New York City rents from real property listing web page StreetEasy.

That may just imply a deal like the primary month of hire being unfastened, making the net hire less over the process the 12 months. These concessions are maximum not unusual for rentals asking between $3,000 and $five,000 monthly and save renters a mean of $280 consistent with 12 months (7% of hire), compared to the $183 moderate financial savings (five% of hire), the report stated. Make certain you'll be able to find the money for the same hire when you plan to signal once more the next 12 months, although.

“As for concessions (a short lived relief in hire in most cases in the form of a month unfastened), these are becoming increasingly more in style because the NYC apartment market softens and expensive new apartment tendencies hit the market and compete for prospective tenants to fill their empty units,” the report stated.

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Be well mannered

Ask nicely and don’t call for a decrease. Remember, it’s also in the passion of your landlord to keep tenants satisfied, as finding a new tenant can also be dear. Turning the condo over to a new lessee means repainting the unit, cleaning it, and potentially letting it take a seat empty for a month or two while finding a new tenant — which could value the landlord 1000's of bucks.

Lowry stated it’s easiest to begin the ‘ask’ over textual content or e-mail, however be offering to talk in particular person or via telephone if the landlord prefers. “Asking in particular person is most often preferable as it’s tougher to mention no to any individual’s face than by the use of textual content or e-mail,” she stated.

Know your apartment market

It’s more straightforward to barter hire in some towns than others, Lowry famous. Even New York, a notoriously dear apartment market, has some wiggle room with regards to rents. But in towns were properties are scarce — like San Francisco — maximum landlords won’t have an issue changing you as a tenant in just days, scaring tenants from even trying to negotiate, Lowry stated.

“However, simply because it’ll probably be a no out of your landlord doesn’t imply you must steer clear of asking,” she stated. “Be affordable about your expectancies although. Maybe you’ll most effective drop it down via $50 a month — however that’s nonetheless $600 back to your pocket.”

Don’t leave out: Poor New Yorkers endure more when the subway is behind schedule

When I asked for a hire decrease, I famous the approaching shutdown of the L educate, certainly one of two subway trains servicing my neighborhood. This has led to rents to remain flat in North Brooklyn neighborhoods while the remainder of Brooklyn saw a year-over-year build up of almost 2%.

Be creative if the landlord says no

If the landlord isn't open to decreasing the per thirty days hire, they'll nonetheless be open to other discounts or enhancements on the development, stated StreetEasy senior economist, Grant Long.

“Negotiating doesn’t must imply the hire you pay every month,” he stated. “Renters must take into accounts other trade-offs or issues that have an effect on their per thirty days expenses. Maybe the landlord won’t budge on hire, however the appliances are due for an upgrade.”

Other requests a landlord may believe could be negotiating for a unit that’s on a lower flooring or has a less convenient format.

A letter template

Here is the textual content of my letter, which I emailed, in full:

Hello, hope your week goes neatly! I am writing concerning the proposed renewal of my rent at [address redacted] September 2018-September 2019. I have lived in [company redacted] properties for the past 3 years and truly experience working with you. I’ve been a perfect tenant and never have been late on hire. At our final unit, [address redacted], we were given our full deposit back as we took nice care of the condo.

I am taken with re-signing my rent for every other 12 months however was hoping we could discuss a hire relief.

Our current hire is $2,300 monthly. With the approaching L educate shutdown set to impact commutes considerably, costs round Brooklyn and Ridgewood are decreasing. I do know other people in the development pay $2,100 a month for their units, would you believe decreasing our hire to check that? Let me know what you think.

Thank you

Because my management company had already sent me a new rent to signal, they simply added a rider to the contract that gave my roommate and me a discount of $200 monthly if we pay hire on time. Today I am sending in the full rent. I have just one feel sorry about, given how amenable the company was to a decrease: not requesting more of a discount.

Kari Paul is a private finance reporter based totally in New York. You can observe her on Twitter @kari_paul.

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