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Weekend Sip: This $7 coconut-flavored Chardonnay is aimed at millennial women

The bottle: Friends Fun Wine’s Coconut Chardonnay, $7

The again story: Even in an technology when rosé has turn out to be the summer time party drink of selection, some say wine still has too much of a snobby popularity. Or a minimum of that’s what Joe Peleg says. He’s the CEO of Friends Fun Wine, a four-year-old logo, largely dispensed out of doors the U.S., that has been all about making vino an on a regular basis and, sure, “a laugh” drink. Hence, his new offering — this Coconut Chardonnay, now offered in New York but poised to go quickly into different states.

To clarify things somewhat: Technically, this isn’t a wine, but a “wine product” in reasonably the similar vein as a wine cooler. That is, it’s a drink made with wine and different elements — the label lists water, sugar, juice and “flavorings,” among them. The objective is to ship a beverage that’s decrease in alcohol than wine itself — the Coconut Chardonnay is five.five% ABV, which is analogous to a lager. Peleg says he’s focused on “millennials and particularly ladies who are in search of alternatives to beer.”

The logo is discovering a marketplace — a minimum of out of doors the U.S. (China is a large seller of its merchandise.) The Friends Fun Wine staff says it greater than doubled gross sales in 2017.

What we think about it: We admit we’re torn. This “wine product” has about as much connection to Chardonnay as grape soda has to Bordeaux. (And possibly no longer even good grape soda at that.) But it’s sugary and coconut-y and, heck, it’s as regards to summer time, so what are we able to say? In different words, we polished off two-thirds of a bottle in no time. But you in reality need a sweet enamel to enjoy these things.

How to enjoy it: The logo says to not overthink it and simply have it chilled. Or make it into piña colada-style cocktail with pineapple juice, club soda and mint.

Charles Passy is a Wall Street Journal reporter and common MarketWatch contributor primarily based in New York. Follow him on Twitter @CharlesPassy.

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