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Top Ten: Weekend roundup: A better week for Zuckerberg | Tech investment alternatives | Why this stock was crushed

MarketWatch rounded up 10 of its maximum fascinating subjects during the last week.

1. Zuckerberg’s performance

Facebook FB, +0.40%  CEO Mark Zuckerberg fared reasonably neatly in his testimony prior to two congressional committees this week. Here’s further protection and opinion:

• Zuckerberg testifies prior to Congress, and the internet is outraged — at Congress

• What Mark Zuckerberg didn’t tell Congress: You’re risking more than your data on Facebook

• The uncomfortable question Zuckerberg saved dealing with: Is Facebook a monopoly?

• Which of your Facebook friends leaked your data to Cambridge Analytica?

• Facebook screwed up royally, but Congress will have to watch out not to kill it

• Facebook has to modify its business fashion because it’s the use of us as unpaid laborers

2. Other tech stocks

Here are five overlooked tech stocks that might leave the FAANG crew in the back of. (FAANG stands for Facebook, Apple AAPL, +0.34% AMZN, -1.22% Netflix NFLX, +0.78% and Google retaining company Alphabet GOOG, -0.31% GOOGL, -0.12% )

3. Bed Bath boo-boo

Shares of Bed Bath & Beyond dropped 20% on Thursday. Here’s one reason why the company is having problem competing.

four. Paul Ryan is leaving

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) has introduced he'll not seek reelection in November. He plans to remain speaker till the top of his term, but some Republicans question whether this is a just right concept to have a lame-duck speaker heading into the elections. Tim Mullaney believes Ryan is leaving in the back of a terrible mess.

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five. IPO of a company that expects to experience an amazing development

More firms are shifting to subscription fashions to keep money flowing in and Zuora ZUO, +3.00% expects to experience this development by means of offering higher enterprise useful resource planning (ERP) tool than its primary competition, which come with SAP SAP, +0.20%  and Oracle ORCL, +0.44%

6. This store is forcing its providers to behave

The movements of this store reflect a growing industry development to power wholesalers to be more environmentally responsible.

7. A more sensible option to plan for retirement

Traditional retirement planning no longer works, in line with Mark Jaeger, who offers a distinct manner.

eight. Advice for investors from the top of the world’s biggest asset management company

During a period of higher market volatility with swings and frightening headlines each day. this advice from Larry Fink is remarkably easy.

nine. Trade bluster cools for now

William Watts considers the that means in the back of China President Xi Jinping’s contemporary comments about industry import restrictions.

10. Intriguing coming attractions for the Apple Watch

Patent filings point out long term fashions of the Apple Watch will have the ability to do a little superb and helpful issues.

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