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They’re now making grapefruit-flavored hard cider

The can: Austin Eastciders Ruby Red Grapefruit Cider, $9.99 for a six-pack

The backstory: How do you prefer them apples — or should we are saying grapefruit? Yes, we’re talking onerous cider this is flavored with grapefruit — Texas-produced ruby purple grapefruit, to be precise. And it's the latest product presented by way of Austin Eastciders, a rising six-year-old emblem (it’s carried in 14 states) primarily based in the Texas city.

Hard cider is enjoying a growth in the U.S., with gross sales in the category emerging from $89.9 to $326.9 million from 2011 to 2015, in line with marketplace researcher IBIS World. More recently, the growth is being further driven by way of flavored cider, which could be very a lot what Austin Eastciders calls its uniqueness. The company additionally gives pineapple, Texas honey and blood orange varieties.

But ruby purple was a herbal to after all upload to the mix since the grapefruit is Texas’ state fruit. “We wanted to pay homage,” says Johnny Heiselberg, Austin Eastciders CEO.

What we take into consideration it: Admittedly, we taste a lot more grapefruit than apple in this sip, despite the fact that the brand assures us apples are a part of the mix. No subject: This is a refreshing, citrusy drink that seems tailored for enjoying on a warm day. It helps to keep the beauty nicely in test and delivers on the honest-to-goodness grapefruit taste. Just don’t be expecting the rest with reference to a conventional onerous cider.

How to revel in it: We’re superb with this chilled and directly out of the can. But the brand says it may be utilized in all method of cocktails. Try a model of a Paloma, with tequila, Aperol, lime juice, easy syrup and a wholesome pour of the grapefruit cider.